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narumiyu hunger games (x)
narumiyu pacific rim (x)


rinharu rakugo (x)
sourin werewolf/vampire (x)


ushioi silver spoon (x)
ushioi enchanted (x)


akahimu titanic (x)
akamido orchestra (x)
aohimu infidelity (x)
aokaga superheroes (x)
aokaga aladdin (x)
aokise idols (x)
aokuro zombie (x)
imahana serial killers (x)
kagahimu robot (x)
kagahimu treasure planet (x)
kagahimu rockstars (x)
kagahimu pornstar (x)
kagahimu overwatch (x)
kagakuro pacific rim (x)
kisehimu hannibal (x)
kiyohana good omens (x)
midotaka ghost (x)
midotaka doctor (x)
midotaka she's all that (x)
midotaka library (x)
midotaka seven days (x)
murahimu fic writer/podficcer (x)
murahimu pregame bjs (x)
murahimu werewolf/vampire (x)
momoriko spies (x)


iwahimu demon sword (x)



rinharu miscellaneous: chain-link fences (x) saltwater (x) magic realism (x)


ushioi classic tropes: coffeeshop au (x), unresolved sexual tension (x), friends to lovers (x)
ushioi creature/human: angel (x), vampire (x), android (x), plant (x)
ushioi anne of green gables quotes: you've thwarted destiny long enough (x), love unfolded naturally out of a beautiful friendship (x), i just want you (x)
ushioi miscellaneous: eye contact (x), hand holding (x), breakup (x)
ushioi bleachers lyrics: hate that you know me so well (x), i didn't know i was lonely til i saw your face (x), someday i'm gonna make this right (x)


aohimu crazy ex-girlfriend lyrics: oh my god i think i like you (x), i'm in a sexy french depression (x), i'm the villain in my own story (x)
aohimu fall out boy lyrics: remember me for centuries (x), you look so pretty but you're gone so soon (x), i never meant for you to fix yourself (x)
aohimu santa clarita diet: whose finger is this (x), act casual! (drenched in blood) (x), cop neighbor (x)
aokise want: to swing with my eyes shut and see what i hit (x)
himurocest: don't look at me (x), terror in my peripheral (x), patience is your virtue (x)
kagahimu fall out boy lyrics: i wish i'd known how much you loved me (x), you and i were fireworks (x), you are my favorite what if (x)
knb school swap: murasakibara at kirisaki daiichi (x), imayoshi at kirisaki daiichi (x)
murahimu cookie clicker: alchemy (x), time machine (x), antimatter (x)
nijihimu movie quotes: do you trust me? (x), romeo, romeo... (x), how many licks to the center of a tootsie pop? (x)
nijihimu asian horror movies: battle royale (x)


iwahimu craigslist personals: use my weaknesses against me (x), always ready to kick some ass (x), don't respond well to [romance] (x)
iwahimu angst: it is not here or now (x), there is so much that this hurt can teach us both (x), the habit of searching for you (x)



ushioi: romance in the dark - billie holiday (x)
ushioi: la vie en rose - doris day (x)
ushioi: marry me - train (x)
ushioi: your kisses are wasted on me - the pipettes (x)
ushioi: what you do to me - john legend (x)
ushioi: real - years & years (x)
ushioi: once upon a dream - sleeping beauty ost (x)
ushioi: touch - little mix (x)
ushioi: oh my god i think i like you - rachel bloom (x)
ushioi: bitter rivals - sleigh bells (x)

aokagahimu: primadonna - marina & the diamonds (x)
aohimu: if i had a heart - fever ray (x)
kagahimu: this is gospel - panic at the disco (x)
kagahimu: samson - regina spektor (x)
kagahimu: hot mess - cobra starship (x)
midohimu: take me to church - hozier (x)
murahimu: crying - tv on the radio (x)
murahimu: undisclosed desires - muse (x)
nijihimu: vampire smile - kyla la grange (x)
iwahimu: the gift - angels and airwaves (x)



ushioi: "i still don't really like you! sorry!" (x)
ushioi: "i'm very fond of walking." "yes, yes i know." (x)
ushioi: "the only thing worse than a boy who hates you: a boy that loves you." (x)
ushioi: "have you ever been in love? horrible, isn't it?" (x)
ushioi: "maybe in another universe, i deserve you." (x)


aohimu: "you will fall in love with me. then, just months later, you will fall out." (x)



ushioi: ushijima in oikawa's room with one of oikawa's teeth (x)
ushioi: ushijima in oikawa's throne room with the terms of surrender scroll (x)
ushioi: ushijima in oikawa's bedroom with the cake (x)
ushioi: ushijima in oikawa's painting studio with a cloth covering his unmentionables (x)


aokagahimu: himuro at the bar with the shot glass (x)
aohimu: aomine at the airport terminal with a crumpled name sign (x)
aohimu: himuro in las vegas with the bridal veil (x)
nijihimu: himuro in the sidestreet with the motorcycle helmet (x)


narumiyu: same team au (x
soumako: howl's moving castle au (x)
sourin: winter soldier au (x)

kikasa: maidragon au (x)
knb: misfits au (x)
knb: scott pilgrim au (x)

kagahimu: t shirt with words (x)
kagahimu: glitter (x)
kagahimu: cutoff shorts (x)

murahimukaga: "i've been inside your brother, we're practically family" (x)
akamido: "you must first remember what you want to forget" (x)
aohimu: "i've fallen for you. i have, i've fallen hard" (x)
njihimu: "baby you are so beautiful" (x)
iwaoi: social network au (x)
ushioi: celebrities au (x)

ushioi: digital love - muse (x)

ushioi: "what're you doing?" "saving the jerk who dumped me" (x)
ushioi: "nobody, not even the rain, has such small hands" (x)
ushioi: "i love you" "i know" (x)
ushioi: "look into your eyes the sky's the limit" (x)
viktuuri: musicians au (x)


iwahimu: "i just have a weakness for guys with tight abs and big arms" (x)


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