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Hey! This is my first Yuletide, so hopefully I'm doing this whole letter thing correctly. Thank you for clicking the link, first of all, and for reading, but of course don't feel bound to writing any of my ideas. If we matched here, somehow, I'm already really interested in seeing your take on these characters and dynamics.

LIKES: non-linear narratives, magical realism, getting together, pining, eventually resolved sexual tension, slow burn, the opposite of slow burn (getting together too soon and dealing with the aftermath), enemies to lovers (to enemies), partners in crime, reunions, what-if scenarios, emotionally fraught dynamics, loyalty and betrayal both.

kinks: foreplay (oral sex, fingering, rimming, etc), non-penetrative sex, rough sex, clothed sex, not-on-a-bed sex, playful humiliation, edging and orgasm denial, overstimulation, restraints (whether literal or verbal.)

AUs: movie or show settings (pacific rim, inception, pushing daisies, your name, etc), spies/assassins/heist, time travel/time loop, reincarnation, immortality, royalty, orchestra/band/musicians, superpowers, artist/muse, angels and demons. The usual fare of high school/coffee shop/etc. AUs are fine too as long as it fits the dynamic!

DISLIKES: non-con, kinks focusing on age differences, sadstuck (non-canonical character death, amnesia, terminal illness, etc), smut of underage characters, love triangles, hurt/comfort, actually unrequited love, stories without conflict, pregnancy/kidfic, crossovers, first person POV.


Ryo Asuka, Akira Fudo

What I like about it: I truly never anticipated this descent into hell, but this forty-year-old manga just reeled me in with promises of gore and unintentionally bad art, and left me a hollow shell of a human being at the end of it. If you're reading this because you offered it, I don't doubt it did something similar to you. There's a lot of things to love about it, despite obviously being a product of its times, but its main draw for me is the relationships between Satan and our titular Devilman, hence my requested characters. I love their friendship, as manufactured as it might have been with false memories—the way Akira, however reluctant in the beginning, follows along Ryo's plan so he wouldn't be alone, and the way he was the only one Ryo could turn to. I love the way this friendship transforms along with Akira after he's possessed, and all the good and bad (mostly bad) that comes with it. Most of all, though, I love that the driving force of the entire series, the reason everything was set into motion, the tragedy that couldn't be avoided, is how Ryo, or Satan, fell in love with a human boy and subconsciously decided to save him, and him alone, from the apocalypse, disrupting his former plans and ruining everyone's lives in the process. How do you beat that kind of world-ending love, I always say. 

Prompts: I don't know if you've consumed the side material/sequels/spinoffs (I highly recommend it for the full experience!), but really what I loved best were the ones that explored the in-betweens and the could-have-beens. For prequel type things, how did they become friends? When did Ryo start to fall for Akira, and what was it about Akira that made him realize it? What did Akira think of Ryo initially, and how did it escalate to him putting so much blind faith in Ryo? And what about all those years between the extinction of humanity and the final battle? I would love your take on their interactions within that period of time, when all of their truths have been laid out and all that's left are the lingering feelings of both hate and love. Basically, anything we didn't see in canon is fair game, and if you want to play with post-canon (the ending of Devilman Lady especially) or alternate canon (the timeloop of the Amon manga), that's good too.



Lin Xue Ya, Shang Bu Huan, Sha Wu Sheng

What I like about it: I fell in love with this series within five minutes; I just saw the first scene and was so impressed I had to keep watching. To this day I don't know how it managed to pull off those fight scenes, or make me forget that the puppets aren't really emoting with their faces, and all the questions just add to its charm. I love its quest format, with the mains just gathering allies and tricking you into thinking they're gonna be a found family, and then promptly abandoning that for something much fresher. I love how many of its characters are just irredeemably evil, how there equally as many characters who are wholeheartedly noble, and how there are those who reside in the grayer areas of morality. I love Shang, our weary protagonist, and how he's often roped into doing good despite pretending he doesn't have the time. I love Wu Sheng, who's as honorable as a murderous assassin can be, and the hints of loneliness that suggest he's not alone of his own volition. I love Lin, if that's even his real name, with his smoke and mirrors and his motivations for doing what he does. Lastly, I love the dynamics between all of these characters, separately or all together.

Prompts: If you want to go the Lin/Shang route, the show I think is tightly written enough that what happens afterwards is most interesting. Shang's stuck with Lin, unfortunately, so what becomes of that? How long does Lin tail him before he realizes, or before they start traveling together? What shenanigans do they get up to with both of them, essentially, targeting villains to steal from them? You truly can't go wrong with either of their POVs here—how Lin, king of repressing his feelings, rationalizes his developing emotions will be interesting, and so will Shang's dreaded realization that he kind of really likes the guy who only brings him trouble wherever he goes. If you develop them into something like a relationship, scenes of Lin trying to rile up Shang with his eternal patience are A+.

Alternately, Lin/Wu Sheng is the more painful side of the equation. I don't know if you've heard of the novel where Wu Sheng's backstory is explored, but their relationship pre-show is essentially the closest of friends, until they weren't. I'm not picky here! Whether or not you want to expand on the novel or make up your own backstory would be great. I'd love some insight into Wu Sheng's thought process, and how extreme love turned into extreme hate (still with love thrown in? You decide.) On Lin's part, did he ever think of Wu Sheng as a friend too, or has he always been a target? Did he struggle with finally turning on him? How did he really feel about Wu Sheng dying right in front of him? Also, concerning that line about meeting again in the next life, I'd love a reincarnation AU, or even a modern one, where maybe they'd finally get a happy ending (or maybe things will happen the same way again.)

And about Shang/Wu Sheng... that scene with them sitting across from each other was pretty much foreplay. Have at it, if you like.


Kagari Atsuko, Sucy Manbavaran

What I like about it: This show has a knack for charming most who come across it, and I was no exception. Slice of life isn't generally my genre, but I loved how this brought something new to the table on that front (even if a plot did develop later on.) It just knows how to present moral lessons in a way that isn't preachy, and simply highlights the fact that people are all different and #valid for it. I love Akko as a protagonist! She's your typical shounen protag, with equal parts idiocy and enthusiasm, only she's a girl, this time, and it's great. I love how she's endearing, but not always easy to swallow, because of how much the show emphasizes that she's an incredibly flawed girl who is just trying her damn best. And don't get me wrong, I love all of her dynamics in the show, but what I'm leaning towards, and the one that I think needs more love, is her friendship with Sucy. Sucy's episode in the first half of the series remains my favorite (and the bit about killing off the parts of yourself that you need to? Really solid advice), and how she seems to have made it her life goal to torment Akko is also my favorite.

Prompts: I would really love any sort of sweet falling in love fic for these two, no matter how rocky the waters might be to get there. Sucy acts like that kid pulling their crush's pigtails in middle school, and in the dream episode we get hints of it, so how and why and when did she take a liking to Akko (despite her very unique way of showing it?) How does Akko feel about this sort of incessant attention? Situations where they're forced to reveal and/or confront feelings would be nice, and some angst would be, too, as long as it's happy in the end. What-If scenarios are good for them—what if one of them had to leave school for one reason or another? What if Akko found out about Sucy's feelings while she was in Sucy's head? What if that kiss happened? What if they met each other's families? What if they'd met before Luna Nova? If you want to zoom ahead into the future to where they're older, it would be lovely to see how their dynamic might change and how it stayed the same.


And I think that's it! Thank you for reading to the end. I hope it helped, somehow, but honestly just go wild if you have other things in mind. I'm looking forward to whatever you write <3 


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